We are asked many times how we can provide our services at a such an amazing rate. This is how we do it:

  • Simplicity
    Sometimes all you want is professional equipment and great music. One microphone is provided, but our DJs do not make announcements, play games or lead group dances. They simply play awesome music per your guidelines.
  • Automation
    Our system sends out automatic reminders to you. You can make all of your payments online. We do not need to have a large office staff and our overhead is extremely low, which saves YOU money.
  • A La Carte System
    You only pay for what you want/need, and leave the rest!
  • We are owned by Epic Entertainment. That means you get the back end support of the awesome folks at Epic with a budget friendly price tag. This is our real secret sauce. We are owned and operated by one of the most respected DJ companies in California. But, in order for Epic to be so highly rated, our DJs need training and practice. Being the best doesn’t come naturally. Standard Sound gives our DJs a place to practice and hone their skills in an ‘event’ setting without the expectations of a DJ that is thousands of dollars. Basically, our deal with you is that if you let our DJs perfect their new DJ and MC skills at your event, we will give you a smoking deal on the price!

Here is what all of our basic service include as a standard part of our service:

Professional & Fun DJ
Personalized music based on your input, preferences and taste
Unlimited 24/7 access your own exclusive online planning tools for submitting music requests and putting together event details.
Professional DJ system

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